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Mid Year Newsletter

2024 MidYear Newsletter by CAITLIN KELLEY

ClassLink at Home

For all students in Southington in grades K-2, devices stay at school each night unless specific arrangements have been made. Your student may be asked to complete homework online in some of our programs.  Please see the instructions below for how to login to iReady as well as some other platforms we may use throughout the year. If you have communicated to your child’s teacher(s) that you don’t have a device at home to use, alternative resources can be made available.

  • Students can use iReady and other platforms at home (on a family device) by signing into the Chrome browser with their SPS account and then launching ClassLink.
  • Here is a helpful video for how to sign in with your student’s account:  Log into Chrome on a Personal Device
  • Note:  If you also use this device for your personal internet browsing, please be sure to switch back to your personal account when your student is finished.  Here is a help article for how to switch between profiles: Sharing Chrome with Others
  • Use  to access our App Dashboard.  Sign in using the WHITE “Student sign in to ClassLink” button.
  • If you have any issues with this sign in, it may be the version of Chrome on your device.  Here are the directions for updating your Chrome browser: Directions for updating Chrome

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